Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sophmore Year...Intermediate Drawing

All grown up and in Sopmore year I also took an intermediate drawing class and these were some my class projects. Subsequently to raise money for a trip to London in my Junior year  I ended up making these into some nifty t-shirt thanks to my newly acquired silkscreen shirts. Those will be in a later posting.
 French Bulldog 18" x 24" Charcoal on Paper
 English Bulldog 18" x 24" Charcoal on Paper

Sophmore Year...Basic Painting

Here are some my favorite paintings I've created. They are all oil on canvas.

 11" x 17"
 32" x 50"
 11" x 17"
36" x 50"

Sophmore Year...Basic Sculpture

Now that we're moving right along, I'm already in Sophmore year (whoop) at SUNY New Paltz.
Here is my work from my Basic Sculpture Class where we learned basic wood work, plaster casting, and welding.

More Freshman Work

Here is some work from the Summer of 2009, a couple of projects I did on my own.  I also made sure to track my progress with these as to give some insight into my process.

I call this series the Creation of John

11" x 14" colored pencil

This one is the Creation of Ben

 Mixed Media 18" x 24"

Time to Play Catchup...

So I've decided I'm going to start posting my artwork in the order in which I made them starting with my Freshman year at SUNY New Paltz (Fall 2008)

Here is a lifesized self portrait I did for Tom Albrecht's Drawing 1 class.

For reference I'm 5 ' 11" so the entire piece's dimensions are roughly 6' x 3' and created with Conte Crayons and a lot of labor.